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18th European Conference on Developmental Psychology


What is EADP?


The European Association for Developmental Psychology (formerly EDSP) was founded in 1994, under the initiative of G. Butterworth and S. Jackson.

EADP organizes biennially the European Conference on Developmental Psychology, publishes the European Journal of Developmental Psychology, and has instituted two awards: the William Thierry Preyer Award for Excellence in Research on Human Development and the Butterworth Young Scientist Award.

To promote the networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange of young scholars, EADP has established the Early Researchers Union (ERU).

Biennial European Conferences on Developmental Psychology as regional conferences of the ISSBD have been held since 1984. The first conference was held in Groningen, the Netherlands (1984). Following conferences were held in Rome (1986), Budapest (1988), Stirling (1990), Sevilla (1992), Bonn (1993) and Krakov (1995).Since the 8th conference in Rennes (1997), European Conferences on Developmental Psychology were held under the official auspices of the ESDP/EADP, in Spetses (1999), Uppsala (2001), Milan (2003), Tenerife (2005), Jena (2007), Vilnius (2009), Bergen (2011), Lausanne (2013), and Braga (2015).

Now, after 33 years, the EADP conference is returning to the Netherlands, with the upcoming edition being hosted in Utrecht!

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