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18th European Conference on Developmental Psychology

EADP-EARA-SRA Summer School 2017

EADP is organizing a preconference Summer School together with sister organizations EARA and SRA. The Summer School will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands from August 26th to August 29th. The call for applications for the EADP-EARA-SRA Summer School 2017  is now open. You can apply until March 15, 2017. More information on how to apply can be found here.

EADP, EARA and SRA have a long tradition in organizing Summer Schools for young scholars. The first EARA Summer School took place in 2001. Since 2008, EARA and SRA have jointly organized Summer Schools, which are training grounds for young scholars interested in adolescent development. EADP organized several topical schools for young researchers. The Summer Schools bring together established researchers, recognized for their expertise and teaching abilities with doctoral students from around the globe for several intensive days of research training. The training includes exposure to innovative and creative research, as well as workshops focusing on professional skills. The summer schools have given students enthusiasm to search for scientific guidance outside of the borders of their countries and the walls of their universities.

In 2017, EADP, EARA and SRA will jointly organize a Summer School focusing on research on adolescence. The site for the Summer School is De Bergse Bossen, located in national park Utrechtse Heuvelrug and close to Utrecht University. The Summer School will be directed by Susan Branje. The Senior Scholars slated for this year include (in alphabetical order): Craig Colder, Elisabetta Crocetti, Velma McBride-Murry, Christiane Spiel, Sabine Walper, and Manuel Voelkle as school methodologist. We invite doctoral students in any part of the world to apply. A total of 24 students will be selected on the basis of their academic records, research experience, letters of recommendation, and overall evidence of scientific aptitude and competence. Students who apply should have their doctoral research planned or underway, but not completed. Preference is given to students who are mid-way in their research, so that they can benefit from the critiques given during the school. Students will have to cover their own travel costs, with accommodations and meals paid for by the Summer School. US students (whose travel costs are expected to be substantially higher) can opt for an SRA travel fellowship.

Source: Hotel Bergse Bossen